Rent San Sebastian pleasure pavilion



This is a really beautiful estate covering approximately 25,000 square metres with over half a kilometre of its own roads. It is located outside the city between the right bank of the River Urumea and the Camino de Uba.

Enter the estate via a pretty yet sharp bend under a canopy of lime, maple, ash and laurel trees. This all helps to build up a mysterious sensation that immediately makes you want to discover the garden that you can sense behind such a suggestive façade. As you go in, a path straight in front of you leads slightly upwards as far as a fork. Taking the left-hand path leads you to the pleasure pavilion that lies at the heart of the property. This Renaissance-inspired hall presides over the garden, elevated on a wide and magnificent staircase with seven steps.

Slotted into the landscape, the building opens up to the outside entirely by means of a row of semi-circular arches, held up by a Ionic column with circular works of art on its spandrels.

Due to its expanse, outline and quality of tree specimens, particularly Atlas cedars; due to its age, close to one hundred years old, and due to its ties to the San Sebastián International Film Festival, it is considered to be one of the most remarkable gardens in Gipuzkoa.

  • Pleasure pavilion, guard's house, fronton court
  • Tear-drop shaped pool, respecting the tree roots surrounding it
  • Gardens, particularly the conifers, above all Atlas cedars, fir trees, pine trees, cypresses, limes, maples, American oaks, ash, acacias, loquats, persimmons, laurel bushes, Virginia creeper, etc.
  • The Classic-inspired statutes dotted throughout the gardens

El Pinar can be rented out for a variety of events: product presentations, adverts, photo sessions, weddings, private events and any type of event requiring a discrete, elegant and distinguished natural setting. It provides everything you need for guaranteed success.